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SS-300N Computerized Slitter Scorer




Single facer

Corrugated box machine



• Design speed: 300m/min.

• Working width: 1400mm-2500mm.

• High quality imported industry computer ad PLC equipped composing the CNC system.

• High quality beeline rail and high-precision screw conveying guarantees a ≤±0.5mm slitting and scoring precision.

• A memory of 999 orders. Non-stop changeover or manual change over can be realized.

• Automatic synchronize with the whole line and can also get in line with manufacture management system. High compatibility.

• Quick change orders within 3 to 8 seconds. Application of two machines together can also realize fast changeover.

• Thin tungsten steel alloy blade, sharp and long life work.

• Patent grinding system applied for easy grinding and maintenance.

• Computer controlled auto grinding and manual grinding also applicable.

• Alternatively grinding to increase efficiency. Three selected score types for single wall, double wall and triple wall, which can also be altered with electrical driven system. Scoring can also be computer controlled with fine scoring results for easy folding of the board.

• Imported synchronous belt applied for conveying with higher precision, longer life and lower noise.