Cardboard is a generic term for heavy paper-based products. Exactly what our machinery produces
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China's carton machinery and equipment development trend

Single-sided corrugated units were introduced in the 1980s and early 1990s to adapt to the needs of small and medium-sized carton enterprises and to replace single-machine manual operation. The current "centralized board making, decentralized box making" pattern of cooperative production within the industry is being implemented around the world, and single-sided corrugated units are bound to be eliminated. Not in front of the production of cardboard, and the use of cardboard production lines to buy cardboard processing carton way.


European and American paper and packaging investment risks in China

Europe and the United States paper and packaging products production industry insiders on the investment in the Chinese market is the general view: in China to engage in investment activities and expand the scale of development to be cautious. Must pay attention to the mode of operation of domestic enterprises in China. In response to the above-mentioned views. November 2005, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PricewaterhouseCoopers) entitled "China's paper and packaging market," the research report came out, the study aims to enter the Chinese market and want to expand the scale of investment in the Chinese market for paper and packaging companies to carry out detailed The study includes a detailed analysis of the economic conditions, policies and cultural environment of China's paper and packaging industry - factors that are hidden behind the surface of economic growth.


The annual soft package event to promote the new intention insurance

As the largest and most influential annual event in the flexible packaging industry in China, Reed Exhibitions 2006 continues to target the annual procurement peak time for flexible packaging enterprises, and will be held from October 24 to 26, 2006 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.


Filling machine production line with innovative technology to achieve better success in the industry

Success requires capital, yes, on the road to development, but also only persistent struggle, the hard pursuit of development is important, in the progress of the times, we believe more in the importance of efforts. Filling production line has its own strength, in the market, dare to fight, dedicated to their own value, in the progress of the times, know how to make better use of innovation. No one's life is smooth sailing, and only with the support of high-tech, you can better win the future, the pursuit of the road, filling production line is wonderful, filling production line of a good life is from the development of.


Filling production line has love in its heart and dares to pursue its dream

People with love in their hearts are beautiful, people with love in their hearts are happy, and life with love in their hearts is beautiful. Filling production line with love in their hearts, the pursuit of the road and did not forget their responsibilities, the road to development, more believe in the importance of hard work. It is in this way that we see the filling line a good life, but also see the filling line has everything from the struggle, when we see the development of the good, but also see the filling line has a beautiful life.


Packaging machinery is focused on stability, more focused on the challenge

Stability is the embodiment of certainty, to enhance the value of their services is important, but also only to win the applause can better respond to the changes in the current situation, to better show their strength. The progress and maturity of packaging machinery is the result of the progress of the times. Packaging machine progress to better serve the market, but also let us see the rapid development of the packaging industry, the pursuit of decent value is the requirements of the times, but also the requirements of growth.


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