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Production process introduction




The Corrugated Paper Production line is comprised of the following parts:mill roll stand ,pre-heater,paper splicing device,single facer corrugating machine,crane,multi-phase per-heater,glue machine,double facer machine,line pressing paper diving machine,traverse cutter,stacking machine.The raw paper is fed from the mill roll stand,passing through pre-heater,where the paper is heated and the moisture inside the paper is adjusted.Then the paper is sent into the Single facer corrugating device and is corrugated andshape-formed,here the single surface corrugated paper is adhere to another paper,forming single surface corrugated paper. After that,by the crane the paper is sent to and re-hested by themulti-phase per-heater.The glue machine puts glue onto the paper,and the glued is sent to the dual surface heating and forming machine,at this moment the final corrugated paper is formed and outputted continuously.The formed paper the pass through the cutting and folding machine,where the paper is longitudinally cut and press-folded,and traverse cut,finally formed cectangle corrugated papers can be produced pieces by pieses,At the end,pieces of corrugated paper is stacked,assorted,and counted by the stacking machine,and you will see the final products outputted by this whole line continuously.